Pricing policy and working

The prices of your wholesaler of ethnic Nepalese and Indian clothing


We offer unbeatable prices all year long. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you.

We don’t require you to buy large packages. You can choose the sizes and quantities you want.

 In today’s tough economic climate, if you want to sell clothes to customers, you need to offer high quality at a reasonable price. If you can do this, you’re sure to make sales.  Our collection meets these criteria. You will be able to sell it easily and earn customer loyalty, as this is not a collection you can find among the wholesalers of Marseille or Paris. These collections are sold and manufactured in small quantities, so they can’t be found just anywhere.Since we are the only ones who sell them, the prices will be the same everywhere and you won’t have to deal with fierce competition.Everyone can work in peace.